Welcome to the official website of the Family Farm Antunović. Get to know us and enjoy our story:

The family farm Antunović is located in a small place called Kuna on the Pelješac peninsula, a sunny place surrounded by vineyards. Our family is here since the beginning of the 20th century and then we have nourished our great love for the village, animals, vineyards and the way of life that carries it all. Our family has always been engaged in animal breeding, cultivating vineyards. We have continued this tradition by opening our door to every guest, eager to meet our culture, place and the most important - gastronomy. This is where the crown of our household, Konavle Antunović, was born - where guests under 300 years of old walls enjoy the best specialties of the Pelješac region.

There are many stories about how we have one of the most famous donkey farms that help our milk with numerous, upgraded old houses where our guests will soon be able to enjoy the nicest nights and days.

So, visit us, be our dear guests and meet our landscape, our customs and our family. Do not forget to announce your coming because the specialties that we prepare can not be rushed. Bread under the bake, lamb and goat, pikatić or tripice, we'll do all this for your announcement. If you are just passing by, you can enjoy the taste of prosciutto, cheese, young onion, olives, oil and wine.

All dishes are prepared according to the previous order due to the use of fresh food and traditional meals.
Our guests usually decide on a pre-prepared, standard and ceremonial menu.
Of course, you are free to choose the menu you want.
We also organize festive events such as baptisms, weddings, chrism and so on.

Make your reservation:
Tel: +385 20 742 101

Mob: +385 98 1701 511


We wish you a pleasant stay and good apetite with the specialties from our offer!